Chairman’s Message

By Chairman of the Board Randy Santucci

In Memory of Dr. Charles Bolgiano.....

What a wonderful man and sportsmen that will be warmly remembered and missed by his family, and his extended family of The Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania.

Charley, as he was so respectfully known to all of his USP brethren, exemplified what we expected from the PGC then, and still strive for now. His professionalism, knowledge, honesty, and reverence toward sportsmen was always revealed in his research and decision making, he expected nothing less from our game management agency. I met Charley around 2004 at the K. Leroy Irvis Office Building in Harrisburg when then PGC Executive Director Carl Roe gave his annual report to the House Game and Fisheries Committee. I drove there with 8 sign yielding frustrated anti-deer management sportsmen, and we stood in the hallway as all entered the meeting room. Charley revealed to me with his actions on that day how the USP deer battle would unfold, combining knowledge, facts, and research with outspoken public civil protest, we still travel that rail today. He was never too busy to share his work with anyone that called, sharing his passion helped me be a part of the USP mission. Several members I met on the Governor’s Advisory council and beyond that knew him in his active years, had high praise for his work. Ironically he won an award from the PGC for his Public / Private land deer management program that was soon overshadowed and lost when Dr. Gary Alt took over the deer program. Sadly, our state of deer hunting has not returned to its prominent status since. His friendly leadership and commitment should stand as an inspiration to all sportsmen as a reminder that we need to stay ever vigilant protecting our hunting rights as the true conservationists and stewards of wildlife.


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