USP supports Conoy Township

By Blaine Toy

Unified Sportsmen of PA is in full support of Conoy Townships “This is not a gun free zone”. We are donating the money to the township to pay for the signs they have posted.

One Pennsylvania Community realizes the real problem it is not guns that are the problem, but the guns used by the illegal's, criminals, thieves, murderers, etc... Of course the same can be said about knife’s ball bats, clubs, etc... but the liberals ignore them and focus on our guns. They are just too stupid to see that.

The anti gun political liberals that want to take our guns away and turn us into a socialist nation is a major problem. America needs to stand up and get our rights and freedoms back.

Hopefully we will see many more communities taking this first step toward getting our freedom back. The more control these idiotic politicians get the more we will see our freedoms disappear. Unfortunately, once these politicians get into office they forget about the people that voted for them believing they would protect our rights and freedoms.

Conoy Township’s “Not a Gun Free Zone” signs has received national support for their actions. Below are just a few links. Please take time and view the You Tube interview by (Fox and Friends) of Fox News Channel, NRA news, Concealed Nation, and PA 2nd Amendment forum plus too many others to link.

Update Saturday February 14, 2015 Lancaster on-line "Unified Sportsmen will pay for welcome / warning signs in Conoy Township".




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