By John Eveland

October 13, 2014

Prior to his release from the Pennsylvania Game Commission, former Executive Director, Carl Roe, stated, "Hunters are not a consideration in deer management." PGC's disrespectful attitude toward hunters is diametrically opposed to the chartered mission of the agency and to state law as directed by the state legislature in Title 34: The Game Code. Section 322(c)(13) specifically indicates that it is the duty of the PGC to serve the interest of sportsmen for recreational hunting. Following are a few quotations from frustrated sportsmen whom PGC is, by state law, directed to serve—but, instead, chooses to ignore.

"It brings me close to tears at times when I remember the wonderful times hunting deer with my father and friends to see the state of deer hunting today. The first day of rifle buck season in 2013 I heard 4 shots all day. The first day of doe that Saturday, I heard 2 shots. If the legislators cared about us deer hunters, changes would have been made years ago. Do not expect any help. Tom Boop tried for 8 long years and he could not move the needle. Want a hunting cabin in Bradford, Tioga or Potter counties? We have lots of them for sale."

Jim Collins

"It's really sad that today's young hunters will never experience how hunting whitetails in Penns Woods once was, and not too long ago. We saw four deer between us during four trips to our camp. It's really sad, we are losing our heritage right before our eyes. We really need our state legislators to correct this before it's too late ---we need to go back to the Maximum Sustained Yield of managing our deer herd."

Peter Keruskin

"I think the game commission has ruined public land deer hunting and that hunters my age (65) will never see good public land hunting again in our lifetimes, even if a miracle happens and the commission reverses course."

Rich Tate

"Without question, when asked, most deer hunters 30 and older will insist that the Game Commission deer program has to stop. The deer season and deer management in general needs to go back to the way it was 15 years ago. The mountain counties have very few deer. The hunting camps that once were full 15 to 20 years ago now sit empty. This needs to change now before we lose our hunting heritage in Pennsylvania."

Dave Polonsky

"I live in a rural area in northern Cambria County where the deer numbers have dramatically declined. Case in point, in the 2009 season I discovered that the nearby small town which had three deer processors each of the prior seasons was now down to one operating processor. And that processor said he had fewer deer to process than the previous season! He had even fewer deer in 2010."

Kris Howdyshell

"Eastern Pennsylvania Firearms Coalition is a coalition of 63 clubs in eight of the State's Eastern counties (and many more to reach out to). Our aggregate membership is estimated at approximately 150-175,000. This is in our memberships view a tragedy for Pennsylvania should it continue for a moment longer. We encourage the legislature to pass the following pieces of legislation: HB 870 -- Exclude public land from the DMAP program; HB 1370 – Restricting the length of and start date of antlerless season; HB 1724 – Redesigning WMUs and issuing antlerless tags on a county basis; HB 1146/SB 547 – Remove antler restrictions; HB 1726/SB 1086 – Direct deer program to be based on maximum sustained yield and enhancement of habitat."

Jack Iannantuono, Chairman

"I firmly believe they don't have a clue as to what they are doing when it comes to managing the deer herd."

Bill Briggs





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