PGC Crying for License fee increase
By Jack Fisher

The PGC’s Executive Director, Matt Hough, comments about the need for a license fee increase.

“I don’t care really care how we get it. At this point, it’s pretty desperate. I’m concerned about right now, rather than five years from now.”

And therein lies the core problem with the management of the PGC – strictly a short-term focus – like most governmental operations.

When the oil and gas money was coming in hand-over-fist, this agency had no concerns whatsoever about the long-term effect their deer management plan might have on us hunters. They had all the money they needed, and they thought it would always be coming in. For years, it enabled the Commission to tell us hunters to just go pound salt, while it wrapped itself in a cloak of superiority, infallibility, and arrogance.

But times change of course, and without a long-term focus, their inability and failure to do future “what-ifs” caught up to them. What-if the oil and gas money stops coming in, what-if hunters quit hunting because the deer herd has been decimated, what-if we really need hunters to fully support the PGC through license fee increases.

And now, we’re seriously considering giving the management of this inept organization the unfettered ability to set their own license fees? Really? Seriously? Why? Have they proven they can effectively manage the PGC on a long-term basis, rather than just react to whatever happens today?

His statement above indicates Matt Hough hasn’t changed – he’s still only “concerned about right now, rather than five years from now.”









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