Frustrated Hunter


I just read the article in pa. outdoor news and how you all are lauding the antler restriction program for the big bucks that are showing up on trial cams and are possibly going to be harvested this year.Are you people serious? You really think it should of took 15 years for big bucks to show up?

15 years ago i saw the writing on the wall ,and did something to preserve our deer hunting tradition for my family and friends. I purchased a home in south dakota where they have a totally different perspective of deer management and lots of deer. All my family and friends tug out [tagged out to you educated people] in a very short time, on very respectable bucks. My one friend who i took on a guided tour, saw 15 different bucks in an hour and a half before he took one,which he regretted, because he saw several bigger after that.And the icing on the cake, we go to Nebraska for the week and take 12-19 bucks a year ,year after year,nice ones too, in a two tag state. Then, we head back to pa., for our yearly bear hunt.

Our crew is one of the most successful crews in the state, we have taken 128 bear to date , and in doing so, hunt some of the roughest ground in the state, get miles in from the road and hunt hard. The big missing link in our remote hunts is ….you guessed it, a huntable population of deer….  come on now , an experienced crew of 25 seasoned hunters, slamming ruff steep side hills all day long, and some of us don’t see 1 deer in a day…heck6-7 years ago MOST of us didn’t see a deer all 4 days of bear season, in which MOST of us saw more bear than deer.

Now you are saying we are about to reap the bounty of a 15 year program, ………are you kidding me? I’m 63 now and have hunted that same country all my life, YES, i’m one of the ones that has to die before your program will be able to ….take hold. But you have to be nitwitted not to know that the ONLY reason there are a few bigger deer now is that we are what….600,000 hunters less than we were when your debacle started.

When your debacle started, the next year, my then 14 year old son said, after we chased a hollow where we used to see 100-150 deer a day, and had seen less than 20, “dad, what are we gonna do”….i told him we had to wait it out, until most hunters got discouraged and quit, and some deer would come back, well Holy Houdini, here we are….so please don’t try to pass this one over ,you all are ridiculous, and hey, when you mention out west that you are from pa., they laugh,….sorry this wasn’t very amiable, but you guys have took the cake now, just think of all the youth and others that quit our tradition because of what YOU, implemented…..i found a recourse, i feel sorry for the others that couldn’t, and now hunt in this state of selfish qdma management types…..i think you get the point….thanks for ruining our state, and camp tradition

Jim Joint
Capt. UCNUTTIN BEAR CREW /defunct deer crew
FORMER pa. resident






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