I’m a Hunter
By Nelson Haas

“Certainly hunters are very important stakeholders in this (deer Management),

but I think people are relevant too, weather they hunt or not.”

Cal DuBrock
Director of wildlife management
Pennsylvania Game Commission

If the Game Commission calls me a stakeholder one more time I’m going to be sick.

I’m not a stakeholder, I’m a hunter. I’m not a sportsman. Hunting is not recreation. Hunting is not a weekend endeavor or a once-a-year outing. Hunting is a way of life. It’s a compulsion few of us hunters can explain carried in every chromosome of every human cell from creation until today.

And, you Pennsylvania Game Commission are the GAME Commission. Your priority is game: big game, small game, game birds.

When did you lose sight of your mandate under title 34 making hunters your main responsibility? When did hunters become one of the stakeholders along with rich auto insurance companies, global timber interests, and disillusioned urbanites who can’t live in harmony with nature?

Non-hunters have no relevance in the duties of the Pennsylvania Game Commission. They have plenty of other organizations to see to their welfare.

Wake up, Game Commission. I’m a hunter.





©2011 • Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania