Pennsylvania’s Hunter Rally
October 16, 2016
By Blaine Toy

Pa State Camp Association & United Sportsmen of PA sponsored a hunter rally and meeting at the Castanea Social Hall Picnic grounds, Lock Haven PA. The event was a success with over 200 hunters attending. Monitoring the event was Martin Salinas (PA State Camp Association) and Pete Kingsley (Unified Sportsmen of PA). Speakers were President USP Wayne Haas, Forester, Wildlife Biologist and Ecologist John Eveland, PA State Representative Mike Hanna, and Chairman of USP Randy Santucci.

Following the speakers was a question and answer session.

This was a very important meeting of PA hunters interested in returning PA to top hunting state is was in the past.  The meeting was an attempt to force PGC to follow the rules in Title 34 of the PA Game and Wildlife code which would benefit the hunters instead of the non-hunting environments.


Some Rally Pictures



Rally Attendee's
USP Display



Representative Mike Hanna
John Eveland











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