“In the Trenches”


Unified board members have been working fragmented in many directions on many issues since the last newsletter. Researching and subsequently supporting threatened and endangered species legislation. Meeting and contacting legislators regarding the current and expanding list of curative legislation to change PGC deer management.

Working on individual sportsmen needs like the bear confiscation story (see page 8 of this issue). Gearing up to do our statewide shows. Our president is working through the Governor’s Advisory Council for Hunting Fishing and Conservation making sure the hunting and fishing side is strongly supported and represented for USP and the blue collar sportsmen. A more detailed “In the Trenches” section will be presented in the spring newsletter.


Membership notification

As Chairman of the Board for The Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania, I am involved in, and see the efforts of our board almost daily fighting for sporting issues and to change the current deer program. We are making a difference.  

Please find time in your schedule to attend PA Hunters Rally Sunday October 15, 2017 to show your support and to express your opinion! The bills to be discussed are directly related to and from our efforts to improve our deer management and wildlife habitat.  Click here to view flyer

Thank You, Randy Santucci





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