Does PGC deserve a license Increase?

By Blaine M. Toy

Not only "NO", but "HELL NO". Under title 34 The Pennsylvania Game Commission's mission is "To manage all wild birds, mammals and their habitats for current and future generations".   However they have ignored the voices of the hunters and joined with the environmentalist for political reasons destroying Pennsylvania's hunting heritage.

USP has continually tried to correct PGC's destruction of our deer herd resulting in USP being an outcast for the past several years because of PGC's failed deer management program. We filed two lawsuits against PGC only to be proved you cannot beat crooked politics. The last law suit we had a three judges agree there were several illegal actions by PGC.  We had a court date set, only to have PGC uses illegal sneaky political midnight actions and get a liberal retired judge to dismiss the case. USP's appealed, however, it was assigned to the same corrupt judge only to have him uphold his crooked actions.

In 2014 USP strongly supported the five deer bills in an attempt to correct PGC's failed deer management program. (HB 1726)(SB 1086) - Maximum Sustain Yield, (HB 1724) - County based management units, (HB 1370) - Doe season to follow Buck season, (HB 870) - No DMAP on Public Land, and (SB 547) - Exempt Seniors from Antler restrictions. These bills had strong support; however PGC convinced our representatives they would correct the problems themselves. At their April meeting no changes were made, instead they joined with DCNR to side again with the environments.

We hunters know there are areas where the deer are over populated, but those areas are off limits to us hunters. Private posted land mostly has good hunting, but public lands where hunting is available the public has very poor hunting and is void of deer.

Recently USP President Randy Santucci emailed our politicians information regarding PGC's license increase.

Contents of that email:

HGF & SGF Legislators,

Please read the attached letter (5 minutes at best) to support the USP position of NO license increase to the PGC until things change.

Some barometers:

  • In the past decade is your deer hunting, (and hunter outcry and numbers) particularity on public land improved?
  • Has there been any significant increase to restore small game?
  • Has their overzealous law enforcement changed from the incidents like the Mattrick finch confiscation near Lancaster? (Goggle and read if you are not familiar)
  • Has the agency pushed for nationally accepted hunting beneficial issues like Sunday hunting, semi auto use, repealing a failed deer program?
  • Has their biologist laden staff and game land acquisition mindset overridden habitat improvement on existing game lands, many that have poor habitat and game numbers?
  • Elimination of brow tine requirement, like done in the SW which reduced or eliminated accidentally shot deer left afield, improve success especially seniors, bring back moving or running shot opportunities, bring back deer drives....ever see many deer from a drive not running eliminating brow tine identification and shot opportunities when you do find a few deer to drive.
  • There are a hundred negative nuances from agency management in the past 15 years like a few mentioned here.

Contents of the attached letter:


LEGISLATIVE REVIEW: PGC IS NOT MEETING FORESTRY GOALS........Again and Again and Again over the last 15 years we continue to hear that deer reduction has had little, to arguably no effect on forest regeneration, spotty at best, so is everyone wrong that has identified this circumstance including Dr. Diefenbach in his 2012 comment in Penn State News? It certainly has not been beneficial when contrasted to the negative impact on the state’s rural economy and our hunting industry... youth to senior. The only individuals that attest to any marginal improvement of anything are biologists crawling around on their hands and knees looking for Trillium and Indian my opinion they are trying to validate their existence and that of too many biologists currently employed by the agency, that operate with little to no daily supervision scrutiny or oversight.... Commissioners need to reset the seasons back to the 2 week buck, 3 day doe eliminate brow tine requirements, severely reduce doe allocations to restore the herd, and put hunters atop most decisions made financially and otherwise.....30 caliber AR's with PGC logos, 50 Caliber sniper rifles for WCO's, cartridge sniffing canine team? I suggest you as legislators investigate these issues. These are tools used by public law enforcement, paid for by the general public. A commissioner recently told me that WCO's work with police as police work with WCO's, justifying the need for AR platform rifles, sniper rifles, 6 dogs and dog teams and the such. Their dovetailing at times is understood, but tax dollars rightfully pay for extensive and sophisticated law enforcement equipment to protect the general public. Should sportsmen dollars be used for expensive firearms and tools outside of what common sense should dictate needed by WCO's to protect themselves and carry out their primary job of game law enforcement? They use the murder of Officer Grove as an argument. All the AR's, rifles or dogs would not have helped Officer Grove, so using his death as justification is insensitive and unprofessional.

CWD ..... We can disagree until the cows come home, but antler restrictions helped CWD start in Pa and continue to enhance its spread. There is no logic in denying harvesting more 1- 1/2 year old bucks off the landscape, which most test negative of CWD because if incubation time frames mitigate their spreading of the disease unlike when they are allowed to age. Every time a buck deer, the strongest spreader of body fluids by either sex, from multiple breeding contacts, attempts to breed, leaving multiple licking branches, defecating and urinating leaving CWD hot spots...... Of course doe cannot be age sight identified like buck, but controlling half the herd, the more proficient disease spreader is not beneficial? If hunters could identify doe age, and were encouraged to harvest them at 1 1/2 creating a younger herd age structure across the state, it would reduce or stymie CWD spread. It is accepted science that increased age on deer promotes spread of CWD. PERIOD. I see the attitude not eliminating antler regulations by the agency more about appeasing vanity hunter perception and opinion, and not wanting to admit guilt of this failed deer plan of which antler regulations were a part. Yet year after year, like again this year, we incrementally are working back to pre-2001 deer seasons and guidelines.

Pre-2001, under the old season structure, many counties sold out doe allocations within days of availability. Many guys drove their application to their respective courthouses in fear of not receiving a doe tag. So don't tell me we needed a 2 week concurrent season to allow more harvest time to reduce deer numbers, or now to increase youth involvement in some areas of the state. This pre 2001 circumstance, proves the PGC under issued doe allocations in these counties for decades. We have lost far more youth interest from current minimal game (deer) sightings than we gained by adding time afield. License sales since 2001 and sportsman observation align with this statement. Small towns lost the draw of the second opener following the buck season. If under the previous 2 week buck / 3 day doe we did not exhaust doe tag allotments in each county, you might have an argument. And if there were an area or two that warranted a 2 week concurrent season it should have been long eliminated.

If any discussion is wanted in detail regarding the content of this letter please contact me.

Randy Santucci
President Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania
412-760-1492 c

I ask you as a concerned hunter/gun owner contact your representatives and show support of our stand against the PGC and corrupt political system. This may just be another way the anti gun liberals have of taking control and attacking our 2nd amendment rights.

For you legislators (click here) and for 2nd Amendment rights in the United States Senate (click here).

Blaine M. Toy

Secretary Unified Sportsmen of PA

Cell 724-664-1674





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