Lawless Actions of the
Pennsylvania Game Commission

July 23, 2014

By Blaine M. Toy

The PGC continuously snubs their noses at Pennsylvania's sportsmen, and the politicians do nothing about it. In fact the PGC has even thumbed their noses at the politicians just to prove how powerful they are.

USP has fought for sportsmen's rights for decades. Twice we have attempted to sue the Game Commission for the mismanagement of our deer herd and failed, proving how difficult it is to beat a government agency. With the last case we had three judges agree that we had a legitimate case and a court case was set. However, the PGC convinced a retired judge sympathetic to their cause to dismiss the case in the 11th hour. While USP appealed the action, it went back to the same liberal judge who denied the appeal. The old cliche you can't beat city hall seems to ring true….

Below is an example of the emails sent by our sportsmen, I have only used their initials:

Now that the budget is in the books for another year, hopefully you folks have some breathing room to consider other - long overdue issues. Please see attached.....
Thank you,    G. L.

It needs to be understood that the Game Commission's state-law mission as directed in Title 34, Section 322(c)(13) is "to serve the interest of sportsmen for recreational hunting." It is not within the job description of PGC employees to arbitrarily ignore state law and to change the chartered mission of the agency at their discretion in order to advance their personal agenda. As such, the deer-reduction programs remains scientifically unfounded and a violation of state law.

Thanks Greg. It brings me close to tears at times when I remember the wonderful times hunting deer with my father and friends to see the state of deer hunting today. I live in Alba, between Troy and Canton in Western Bradford County. The first day of rifle buck season in 2013 I heard 4 shots all day. The first day of doe season that Saturday, I heard 2 shots. From where we live, one can hear rifle fire for about one mile in all four directions. It is really pathetic. When I first starting deer hunting in l967 after a stint in the Navy, my dad told me to count all the shots that I heard after legal shooting time in the morning and look at my watch when the count reached 100; no counting of course if a buck appeared. Many times it was near 0800 when I checked my watch. I doubt if I would hear 100 shots the whole season now. Most of the land within one mile of our house is privately owned and only some is posted; so I think an accurate picture of deer hunting is being presented. At age 68, I would sooner hunt rabbits than deer; even with access to almost anywhere that I want to hunt. We just do not have the deer, period. Regards, JC

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Hello All,
It’s really sad that today's young hunters will never experience how hunting whitetail's in "Pens Woods" (the northern tier of Pennsylvania) once was and not too long ago. I remember my heart pounding out of my chest when a group of four or five deer would come running by my stand and even before I could check them out another group would come running by me. It is one of my fondest memories as a youth hunter. Today, only my dad makes the trip to McKean County each year for archery and rifle seasons, we saw four deer between us during four trips to our camp. It’s really sad; we are losing our heritage right before our eyes. We really need our state legislators to correct this before it’s too late...we need to go back to the Maximum Sustained Yield of managing our deer herd.

Thanx for your comments Pete.....

I have had people ask me and I continue to ask myself why our legislators continue to ignore the pleas of sportsmen? It has been well documented that the deer reduction plan has no scientific basis, it has cost Pennsylvania millions of dollars, and at its core is only the promotion of a political agenda by a handful of people.......yet nothing is done about it.

What more must we do...........???????!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sportsmen please contact your legislators and express your displeasure of the PGC not following title 34 and managing our wildlife to benefit the timber industry and ignoring the sportsmen.

This action is could be another way of infringing on our 2nd amendment rights. Do away with the sportsmen and go after our guns.

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