PGC's Forest Regeneration Myth
By John Eveland

"For several years PGC had used three goals toward justifying their unprecedented deer reduction program and near collapse of the herd in some northern and eastern tier regions -- their claimed need to permanently reduce deer in order to improve deer health, forest health, and biodiversity (primarily populations of nongame mammals, songbirds, and wildflowers). However, after-the-fact studies by the agency, itself, by DCNR, by Penn State, and by independent scientific analyses have indicated that all three of these goals were scientific fallacies: neither deer, the forest, nor biodiversity had been in poor health, and, in fact, had been in excellent health throughout the state prior to initiating the herd reduction program.

Therefore, in a desperate attempt to now continue their assault on does and fawns and to prevent reasonable and scientific resolution, PGC is clinging to a single simple premise -- that if deer are fenced out of an area of forest, that there will be more seedlings growing inside than outside. I would have to agree with PGC's elementary premise, because to no one's surprise, deer actually do eat plants. That's what they do!

However, deer also provide great benefits to the commonwealth: for recreational hunting for what used to be over a million sportsmen (which is PGC's legislated mission as directed by Title 34 state law), for a multi-billion-dollar tourism and outdoor industry, for aesthetics and recreational enjoyment by families and the outdoor-loving public, and for helping to keep the natural ecosystem healthy and in balance -- to name but a few benefits. White-tailed deer is the Pennsylvania State Mammal and the flagship of Pennsylvania hunting and outdoors. And, yes, deer do eat plants; but so what?! Every living animal eats and defecates -- that's what we all do -- however this simple biological fact should not have been used by the Game Commission to nearly eliminate deer in some areas, and should not be excused by government decision-makers whose job should be to oversee the agency and to prevent such irresponsible and outrageous acts by a few forestry and environmental ideologues."

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PGC/DCNR Bullshit Lies!!

By Blaine Toy

This picture was taken in either Southern Elk Conuty or Northern Clearfield County

along Arden Road showing a deer fenced area area.   Looking at the area I seen no difference

inside or outside the fence. What a waste of our taxpayer money by PGC and DCNR.





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