HB 2083 the Wildlife Management and Accountability bill

By USP President Wayne Haas

HB 2083 the Wildlife Management and Accountability bill sponsored by Rep. Dave Maloney may be coming up for vote this fall. The following alert was sent to members that have given us an email address. For those that did not get the email, hitting the send button won’t work but getting out the pen and paper will. We are asking everyone to let their legislators hear how it is in the real woods. Writing by hand to all 250 legislators is not going to happen but writing to your house and senate representative is important. Rep. Maloney has been getting a bunch of negative responses and called crazy for introducing HB2083. Let’s let them know who crazy really is.

An Alert to all Pennsylvania Sportsmen, Gun-Rights Advocates, and State Camp Members:

Your Urgent Support is Needed. For generations, Pennsylvania deer hunting and our abundant wildlife resources were nationally acclaimed. However, 16 years ago the Game Commission changed this long-standing policy, and drastically and permanently reduced deer populations in order to increase timber sales for DCNR and improve forests for seedling regeneration, wildflowers, and songbirds. This agenda has so dismally failed that sportsmen have quit hunting, our youth are declining to hunt and replace those who are leaving our ranks, camps stand empty and for sale, and family businesses across our northern tier have gone bankrupt and closed. As sportsmen quit hunting, the risk to our Second Amendment increases. A government study reported that while the deer-reduction program is netting DCNR $1.2 million per year, this failed policy is costing the state economy $285-415 million each year, and has accumulated an economic impact of $5 billion to businesses across the Commonwealth. Other government studies indicate that the Commission's goal to increase seedling regeneration, wildflowers, nongame mammals, and songbirds has also failed, and is even getting worse in much of the state and especially on state game and forest lands. Nevertheless, in a January 2016 legislative hearing in Harrisburg, the Game Commission stated that "its deer management program is second to none, most sportsmen love it, and the Commission is not about to change it."

Therefore, it is now the responsibility of the Pennsylvania legislature to correct the agency's failed deer-management program by passing House Bill 2083. In its entirety, HB 2083 represents one of the most broad-reaching and significant conservation bills in the history of the Commonwealth. It will revitalize deer hunting, wildlife populations, forest management, the outdoor industry, and the economies of rural Pennsylvania beyond anything witnessed in the past. Implementation of HB 2083 will save the state economy $415 million in annual lost revenue, and end a long-standing and growing divide that exists between sportsmen and the Game Commission.

This most important bill will greatly benefit hunters, outdoor-industry businesses, gun-rights advocates, state camp owners, rural economies, and all outdoor-loving citizens of the Commonwealth for generations. Please follow the following steps toward asking your state legislators to vote in favor of HB 2083 – for deer and wildlife management, wildlife habitat enhancement, and Game Commission accountability.

Step 1. Write a short personal email in which you describe how deer hunting has deteriorated, especially across our rural northern tier counties, and include your request that urges House and Senate members to pass HB 2083 for deer and wildlife management. Include your name, address, and phone number at the end of your email.

Step 2. "Copy and paste" the complete list of 250 email addresses for House and Senate members into the address portion of your email.

Step 3. Hit the "SEND" button. You have just sent your message and urgent request to pass HB 2083 to all 250 members of the State House and Senate.

Step 4. Resend as often as you wish – preferable once every day – between now and the end of the legislative session in mid-November.

Please act now. This is our opportunity to greatly improve deer and wildlife management in Pennsylvania for generations, and to end the greatest conservation mistake in the hundred-year history of the Game Commission. Note that for your information, an item with seven reasons "Why We Need To Pass House Bill 2083" Please read more.



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