Gun control! Loved by the Government & Criminals
By Blaine M. Toy

A second amendment rally sponsored by Guns Across America was held at several State Capitols on January 19, 2013.    USP President Randy Santucci & I attended the event in Harrisburg, PA.   The weather could not have been much better, with the temperature in the 40’s with a mild breeze that made it feel a little cooler.   Here is another link for reading information.

There were an estimated 400 people at the event that lasted just over an hour. I have posted a few pictures below taken during the event.  It is very important everyone gets involved and protects your second amendment rights or our government is going to take them away.    Look at other Countries where the guns have been confiscated, Russia, China, Cuba, etc…

What happen when guns are confiscated? The government and the criminals now take control and the citizens are helpless to defend themselves.   Australia for example, after the guns where taken the Armed Robber rate increased by 28%, Assaults with guns increased by 28%, Gun Murders when up 19%, and Home Invasion increased by 21%.    Check out Gun Control in Australia - Watch and Weep watching the weapons being destroyed – YouTube.     What protection is 911 when the police are minutes away or if the criminals cut your phone line and you cannot even call for help?

Missing from the event were the some of the younger generation which will be effected more than the older generation that will not live long enough to see America becoming a Social Communist Society. Please America wake up to this threat against your Constitution by the Government.



+ God Bless America +






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