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Information added or changed November 24, 2021!


We NEED your help!

The Pennsylvania Senate has sent SB 565 (Constitutional Carry) to the Governor to be signed.

Unfortunately, in typical anti-gun action, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf has threatened to veto this bill. Please reach out and contact Gov. Wolf’s office and firmly insist that he ‘sign’ this life-saving legislation!

Governor Tom Wolf:
(717) 787-2500
508 Main Capitol Building Harrisburg, PA 17120

For those that want to read more information on the subject bill here are two links.        Link1       Link2



Get prepared now. Check your hunting gear, and while the weather is still decent get your weapons sighted in.

Here are links from the PGC website:

A digital version of the 21-21 hunter digest (click here)
For a printable PDF pocket guide (click here)


By Ron Benjamin

Here we are in late October and are all waiting for the opening day of Rifle Day deer season on Saturday, November 27, 2021.  Read more


Necessary Hunting Stuff.
By Ron Benjamin

Opening Day is finally getting here. A dedicated hunter is like a kid on Christmas morning, the big day is finally here and we are all good to go. I have been there as many have, but have all considered the safety measures we should take?

I recall one opening day a decade ago when the call went out to help find a lost hunter. Many folks pitched in and the search was successful just before midnight. The hunter started off well behind the “8 ball.” The after-action summary listed many problems:

The hunter was hunting a new country. He carried no compass and stated he did not know how to use one. He only carried 5 rounds so he dared not fire the 3-round lost warning signal. He carried no matches for fire building and had no map of the area. He carried no first aid kit and no snacks or food. This scenario is a classic case of what not to do on opening day in new territory.

So, let us learn from his mistakes and ensure our opening day is a better experience.

First, we hunters must ensure we STAY Found. Learn to use a compass and keep it tethered to your person. If needed, carry a map of the area and refer to it often. Carry enough ammo to signal, if needed. Even nonsmokers benefit from carrying a lighter in case a fire is needed. Add to that a basic first aid kit to ensure minor, or major, medical events are not fatal. Finally, always tell a spouse or neighbor about your planned hunting area, and the time you anticipate you will return.

Millions of people enjoy hunting in America and a minimum amount of attention to detail will ensure a safe outing. Hunting requires patience, dedication, and proper gear. Stay safe out there and enjoy the experience.


USP wishes everyone a safe and good hunting season.



Members of USP should be proud of the fact we are attempting to find a CWD cure, to save our deer and elk herds, to protect hunters and their families from CWD infection, and to preserve our hunting tradition. Click here


And CONTROL OUR lives!

After over 200 years of freedom is America Destin to become a social communist-run country? If the current corrupt politicians have their way YES.

Below are a couple of articles for you to read and form your own opinion:

1. Communist Biden regime plans to put “anti-vaxxers” on the “no gun list” so Americans can’t defend themselves from CDC internment camps. Read article
2. No Vaccination, No Guns New Secret Plan For Gun Confiscation. Read article
3. House Democrats pass a bill that will give them full control of every Future Election. Read article


Biden’s Plan to Disarm America

We knew it was coming……now it’s here.

This is not about gun control; it’s about controlling us – which is the reason they want to take our guns. Statistics are perfectly clear that rifles kill very few people in this country, yet so-called “assault weapons” are their primary target. It’s interesting to note that the AR-15 is the most popular rifle in America – what does that tell you……????

David Chipman who Biden nominated for Director of ATF to head this up is a complete whack job – an absolute nut case!!

I don’t care if you are a Democrat or a Republican, this should concern you deeply. Click HERE to listen to Tucker Carlson’s analysis. This is very well laid out; it will tell you what’s coming and why.  Must-watch TV for all gun owners!

Americans, beware if the Democrats get their way, we are going to be required to have papers to travel. Make no mistake the corrupt government wants to totally control you!

Imagine you are traveling and get stopped at a checkpoint and do not have the correct papers!  Plan on being arrested and locked up without any rights.


Joe Biden wants you and me to carry around a VACCINE PASSPORT… so we can “prove” our medical history whenever a business or government official demands it.

To say this is unconstitutional is an understatement. It’s un-American.

This much is clear: no one’s going to give us our freedoms back. We have to TAKE them back.


Our Constitution rights are in serious danger right now.  Rather you want to believe it or not the current administration, which effectively stole the election and now there is a serious concern if we will ever see a legitimate election.  Unless the House of Representatives or Senate stand up for America, United States is headed toward a social communist country

Consider joining National Rifle AssociationGun Owners of America, or PA Firearm Owners Against Crime.    We need to protect our rights, and can only hope the US House of Representatives and US Senate protect our rights.

Very important USP President message, please read!!!


The corrupt crooked deep state politicians are now going to spend more time attempting to control us Americans, they want us to act like sheep and believe everything they lie to us about.


One purpose of the Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania is to bring attention to important issues relating to hunting, fishing, trapping, and shooting.  

Our missions are:

  • To promote and maintain high standards in the conservation of our natural resources.
  • To cooperate with State and Federal agencies and all sportsmen organizations to protect and achieve the needs of both wildlife and sportsmen.
  • To defend our heritage right to hunt, fish, trap, and to protect our constitutional right to keep and bear arms.
  • To promote programs to educate the public about hunting, fishing, trapping, and shooting for all future generations.

Being the largest independent statewide sportsmen organization in Pennsylvania, we can accomplish a lot with just a small amount of money. All of the USP officers are highly motivated, interested, knowledgeable sportsmen and all are non-salaried, and even our professional full-time representative in Harrisburg is a non-salaried officer. In spite of all this, we cannot perform miracles, and we cannot exist without you as a member. Join Now!


The Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania normally distributes a quarterly Woods and Waters (W & W) to all members in good standing; individuals, clubs, camps, businesses, etc… However due to financial issues caused by Covid-19 we only published one issue in 2020, and so far, only one in 2021. We did mail informational letters to our members in place of the W & W.

Woods and Waters will no longer be posted on our website.  This decision was based on the discussion at our Fall BOD meeting.  We felt it was unfair to the paying members that we posted our newsletters.  These members pay for the publishing of our newsletters and it is not fair to them that non-members get to read our newsletters.