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Information added or changed January 10, 2022!

Welcome to 2022!

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We received a message questioning how to donate to USP, this can be done online (click here) using PayPal (if you do not have a PayPal account they will accept credit cards or debit cards). If you want to mail in your donation, you can download and print our membership form (Click here) and use it for donations.  If you are using our membership form for donations we ask that you send them to our Treasurer Doug Tyger, 184 Fairview Rd, Kersey, PA 15846-9210, and make the checks payable to USP.


By Blaine Toy

Unified Sportsmen of PA (USP) is a PA Statewide sportsmen’s club that promotes the rights of hunting, fishing, trapping, and shooting and supports our constitutional rights. Read more

Our Board of Directors is all PA-based individuals since we are mainly a Pennsylvania state-wide organization, but do welcome out-of-state members. If this sounds like an organization that represents your interests and beliefs, we would appreciate your support. Please visit our Membership Application page for your joining options, or the quickest way to join is just to click here and join online using PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, they do accept debit and credit cards.

If you wanted to question any article, dispute it, or post a letter of support of it, there is a contact form at the bottom of every page on our website. That contact form goes to the Executive Board and if they cannot answer we will attempt to find someone to provide the answer. We are continuing to try to improve this site for the benefit of all sportsmen/sportswomen.


This page was updated on January 9, 2022!

USP would like to have the hunter’s opinion on the 2021 deer season. Please submit the form at the bottom of this page. Tell us what you thought about deer hunting this year, Are you happy with PGC, did you see more or less deer, do you consider the season good or bad?

USP has individuals that go to Harrisburg on their own time and money talking to Legislators and Commissioners. The more feedback we have from the hunters, the better our position looks.



Can you believe it? Oklahoma is issuing a bigfoot tracking license from the States Tourist Department to applicants. You must capture it alive, and there is a three million prize (Bounty) for that catch. Read article



There is a problem in America today with too many of our citizens not understanding what a gun and/or weapon is and how safe it can be, if handled properly. They see Hollywood portraying these guns as killing machines, which is not true, yes, a gun in the hands of an unstable person can harm people. The actors and media have no idea how to handle a gun safely. This paints guns as being evil. This results in many individuals being anti-gun, just because they do not understand what is considered a gun or a weapon.

  • Gun: Portable firearm, as a rifle, shotgun, or revolver, which projectiles are shot by the force of an explosive; a piece of ordnance.
  • Weapon: Designed or used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage, or a means of gaining an advantage or defending oneself in a conflict or contest. (This could be anything, rock, sword, rifle, cannon, ball-bat, knife, fork, etc…) anything used against an opponent, adversary, or victim.

Unified Sportsmen of PA is a sportsmen organization, mostly made up of members that are hunters, fishermen, conservationists, etc… It is our responsibility to educate our citizens about the 2nd amendment. We have added a 2nd amendment link to our main menu to help with this issue. You can click here to go right to that section.



After 3 years of the Saturday deer opener, as predicted by all the 2018- 2019 evidence the PGC board ignored, many hunters are still upset and complaining. Some liked it but, the evidence is clear it did little to nothing to increase hunting license sales and did economic damage to many rural businesses.

With that in mind, 3 years in, voices from many hunters that preferred the time the Monday opener gave are not being conveyed. Hunters need to speak up where it matters…. to the PGC. I know they did not listen before, but that is no reason to hang our heads in defeat, we have the evidence on our side even more so today. The compromise that would bring back that weekend of time to scout, mark trails with trail markers for pre-daylight entry, a few last-minute confirming rifle shots to confirm our guns, the restore the economic demise it caused to rural businesses and first responder fund-raising events, a far more relaxed time frame to prepare and open camps if you camp hunt, and time to experience all the family and friend traditions that are now far too rushed if at all able to be carried out.

The compromise is to bring back the Monday opener and put on the next two Sundays giving two full hunting weekends and a 13-day continuous run of the season. email the commissioners at pgccomments@pa.gov.


Below are two letters to the PGC that the writers gave us permission to post:

Randy Santucci

Please open this Lancaster online link and read the article.

If you notice the title doesn’t say hunters are unsure or dislike it says “hates” and that sums up the sentiments of far too many hunters about the Saturday opener. Read Randy’s letter


Wayne Haas

Few Sightings for the kids

Director Burhan’s and Commissioners

At 69 years of age, I deer hunt WMU’s 4D and 2G first and foremost for my grandkids. Read Wayne’s letter.



USP did a survey in 2021 at various sportsmen shows and mailed it to our membership. We have 392 completed surveys, read the results of that survey here.



LancasterOnline did a survey about the Saturday opener, the title of the article “Three years in, plenty of PA deer hunters say they ‘hate’ the Saturday gun opener. Read the article



Rifle Deer Season is over
By Ron Benjamin

What is needed for our hunting guns and gear? Hopefully, all hunters were successful this past hunting season. We go afield in all weather conditions and rain and snow are not kind to our favorite hunting rifles. These expensive arms need careful attention at the end of the hunting season to ensure they are good to go next season.

Fresh water in the form of rain will not hurt a rifle. It is how we treat the rifle after a rain event that ensures our gun will soldier on in future years. I have gotten several of my deer rifles soaked in past years and none are rusted or harmed in any way.

First, unload the rifle and remove the action from the stock. I wipe down the wet action with paper towels and set it near mild heat, muzzle down, from my woodstove. The stock also needs to be wiped down, in and out, and let the gentle heat dry the stock for a few days. During this process, it is ok to clean and oil the bore and place the action muzzle down on a paper towel. If the sling is leather or web, it is a good idea to put it to dry near mild heat for a few days.

After a few days, check out the rifle, clean the bore again and put a gun grease like RIG (Rust Inhibitor Grease) in the bore and oil the action and reassemble in the DRY stock.

Put the dry sling back onto the rifle and put it by until next season. Good guns will last several lifetimes IF we treat them well after a hard week, or two, of hunting. I have a sweet “rainy day” rifle that has been soaked and has been treated well and is rust free. She is a sporter 7.5MM Swiss M1911 Carbine and was afield today.

Dry all equipment over several days, oil the iron and reassemble the rifles. Be aware after the action is put back into the stock, it will take a dozen rounds fired to seat the action back into the stock so the sights or scope are registered, again.

USP hopes the muzzleloader hunters have a safe and good season.



Members of USP should be proud of the fact we are attempting to find a CWD cure, to save our deer and elk herds, to protect hunters and their families from CWD infection, and to preserve our hunting tradition. Click here


And CONTROL OUR lives!

After over 200 years of freedom is America Destin to become a social communist-run country? If the current corrupt politicians have their way YES.

Below are a couple of articles for you to read and form your own opinion:

1. Communist Biden regime plans to put “anti-vaxxers” on the “no gun list” so Americans can’t defend themselves from CDC internment camps. Read article
2. No Vaccination, No Guns New Secret Plan For Gun Confiscation. Read article
3. House Democrats pass a bill that will give them full control of every Future Election. Read article


Biden’s Plan to Disarm America

We knew it was coming……now it’s here.

This is not about gun control; it’s about controlling us – which is the reason they want to take our guns. Statistics are perfectly clear that rifles kill very few people in this country, yet so-called “assault weapons” are their primary target. It’s interesting to note that the AR-15 is the most popular rifle in America – what does that tell you……????

David Chipman who Biden nominated for Director of ATF to head this up is a complete whack job – an absolute nut case!!

I don’t care if you are a Democrat or a Republican, this should concern you deeply. Click HERE to listen to Tucker Carlson’s analysis. This is very well laid out; it will tell you what’s coming and why.  Must-watch TV for all gun owners!

Americans, beware if the Democrats get their way, we are going to be required to have papers to travel. Make no mistake the corrupt government wants to totally control you!

Imagine you are traveling and get stopped at a checkpoint and do not have the correct papers!  Plan on being arrested and locked up without any rights.


Joe Biden wants you and me to carry around a VACCINE PASSPORT… so we can “prove” our medical history whenever a business or government official demands it.

To say this is unconstitutional is an understatement. It’s un-American.

This much is clear: no one’s going to give us our freedoms back. We have to TAKE them back.


Our Constitution rights are in serious danger right now.  Rather you want to believe it or not the current administration, which effectively stole the election and now there is a serious concern if we will ever see a legitimate election.  Unless the House of Representatives or Senate stand up for America, the United States is headed toward a social communist country

Consider joining National Rifle AssociationGun Owners of America, or PA Firearm Owners Against Crime.    We need to protect our rights, and can only hope the US House of Representatives and US Senate protect our rights.

Very important USP President message, please read!!!


The corrupt crooked deep state politicians are now going to spend more time attempting to control us Americans, they want us to act like sheep and believe everything they lie to us about.


One purpose of the Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania is to bring attention to important issues relating to hunting, fishing, trapping, and shooting.  

Our missions are:

  • To promote and maintain high standards in the conservation of our natural resources.
  • To cooperate with State and Federal agencies and all sportsmen organizations to protect and achieve the needs of both wildlife and sportsmen.
  • To defend our heritage right to hunt, fish, trap, and to protect our constitutional right to keep and bear arms.
  • To promote programs to educate the public about hunting, fishing, trapping, and shooting for all future generations.

Being the largest independent statewide sportsmen organization in Pennsylvania, we can accomplish a lot with just a small amount of money. All of the USP officers are highly motivated, interested, knowledgeable sportsmen and all are non-salaried, and even our professional full-time representative in Harrisburg is a non-salaried officer. In spite of all this, we cannot perform miracles, and we cannot exist without you as a member. Join Now!


The Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania normally distributes  Woods and Waters (W & W) twice a year and news alert letters the other two quarters to all members in good standing; individuals, clubs, camps, businesses, etc…  You must be a member to receive these items.

Woods and Waters will no longer be posted on our website.  This decision was based on the discussion at our Fall BOD meeting.  We felt it was unfair to the paying members that we posted our newsletters.  These members pay for the publishing of our newsletters and it is not fair to them that non-members get to read our newsletters.

We will be adding a members-only sign-in page in the future for our paid-up members only, it will be password-protected.  I will be mailing our paid-up members with an email address on file the password, and it will be changed frequently so members that expire can not sign in.  Once you put your password in and are using the same device it will remember the password.

If you feel you do not have your email address on file you can use the membership contact form using this link ( Click here ) and our secretary will add it to our roster.

If you are not a member and you or your camp, or camp wish to belong to follow this link ( Click here )and you can join online or print an application to join.  We recommend even if your club or camp is a member that you consider individual or life membership to help us fight the politicians in our sportsmen/sportswomen rights.   We have individuals and board members that go to Harrisburg talking to legislators to support sports issues, so join an organization that fights for your rights.