We at USP proudly support our men and woman serving in the military to preserve our freedom. Freedom is not free, and we ask everyone to take a moment and thank our heroes, living and dead, who sacrificed their selves for this freedom. For the freedom to view the internet, be sure to thank every veteran and visit our military page.

During the recent NRA Great American Outdoor Show, I met with representatives of two very dedicated veteran originations.   Both cater to serving our veterans.

  • The first one is LEEK Hunting and Mountain Preserve serving America’s Wounded and Injured Veterans. The motto is Serving All Veterans All Wars (SAVAW).   Their website
  • The second is The Foundation for Exceptional Warriors.   The motto is serving those that epitomize Honor, Valor, and Sacrifice.  Their website

Visit these dedicated originations and consider donating to their cause.




Pennsylvania Government

Pennsylvania Government website somewhat unknown to the public almost kept secret!     Unfortunately, when you click on links on this site, you lose the original website. I have set our link for their page to go to a blank page; thus, you can come back to the USP website to get their site back.