KQDMA Bounty on Deer

Did Kinzua Quality Deer Cooperative put a bounty on deer?   Depends on how you look at it.  On November 27, 28, and 29 2021 and on December 4, 2021, they offered a raffle ticket valued at a chance to win $500.00 for a doe, or $250.00 for a buck to all hunters that brought a deer to their check station to get weighed, measured, and aged free!  Plus, they gave each hunter bringing in a deer a fluorescent orange KQDM hat.   Now imagine $500.00 for each doe, that could mean up to three dead deer if that doe was carrying twins.  This is why we can spend a full hunting season without seeing deer?

We agree there are locations of deer overpopulation, but in our game land and forest lands where we like to hunt, the opposite is true, the deer have been exterminated thanks to the greedy hunters.  PGC provided the opportunity, the greedy hunters just did the dirty work.

Many honest true hunters would be happy just to be able to harvest a deer, even if it is just a spike.  These hunters are hunting for meat, not like the slob hunters just out to kill as many deer as they have tags.  Those slob hunters are not sportsmen, they have one thing on their mind, kill the deer, some of them just shoot at anything that even looks like a deer.

We are not asking for deer behind every tree, just a huntable population.   When you take youth out hunting, and they don’t even see any deer, let alone get a chance to harvest one, that is the end of their interest in hunting.

When is PGC going to follow Game and Wildlife Code title 34 and work for their customers, the Sportsmen?   PGC should be elected by the license buyers, not political appointments.