USP along with several other sportsmen clubs have combined efforts with North American CWD and Human Health Project (Project NOAHH) to find a cure for Chronic Wasting Disease.   We hope to develop a hunter test kit that hunters can use immediately after harvesting a deer or elk to ensure the animal is safe to eat and not infected.   Other research is planned to develop human and live animal test kits along with vaccines.

Members of USP should be proud of the fact we are attempting to find a CWD cure, to save our deer and elk herds, to protect hunters and their families from CWD infection, and to preserve our hunting tradition.  Unfortunately, it has been challenging in dealing with opposing factions that have been unable to find a solution to the growing crisis after a half-century of failed research and management — circumstances that have caused unanticipated delays to our research.


Update of USP’s CWD Project

USP CWD Committee

As you know, in December 2020 circumstances caused us to close our leased CWD laboratory at the University of New Orleans. The research lab had been administered by John Eveland and his nonprofit Terra Cor Institution for nearly two years and had been underwritten by Unified Sportsmen in cooperation with Allegheny County Sportsmen’s League and the support of Sinnemahoning Sportsmen, other clubs, private companies, and citizens from across the state.

Our plan is to set up a new lab in Pennsylvania that will be closer to us and more easily operated. We hope to have more news on that issue in the near future. Our goal is to solve CWD in Pennsylvania and across the nation.

USP members should be proud of what we have accomplished over the past 4-5 years regarding understanding, controlling, and ultimately eradicating CWD. The efforts of our organization have been no less than extraordinary, and our board and membership have taken proactive steps toward resolving this wildlife, hunting, and human health crisis. In fact, we have achieved more over the past few years than the combined efforts of federal and state governments along with university researchers have accomplished over the past half-century – and we believe that we have much more to offer.

Here is what the mainstream prion industry says about the disappointing results of their 50-years of research:

According to the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies: “There currently are no vaccines, no treatments, no cures, and no practical live animal, dead animal, nor food safety tests for CWD despite extensive efforts and research to develop them.”

According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, “CWD is now doubling every year – spreading exponentially throughout the Commonwealth”. Executive Director Bryan Burhans stated: “Managing Chronic Wasting Disease is one of the greatest wildlife challenges we face.”

Quoting a December 2020 report by the Pennsylvania CWD Interagency Task Force which is comprised of the Department of Agriculture, DCNR, DEP, Department of Health, Game Commission, and US Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service: “Despite ongoing efforts, there is no known treatment for CWD infection, no successful vaccine against this disease, and no reliable diagnostic test for live animals.” 

USP now knows what causes CWD, and we hope that vaccines and instant diagnostic test kits will soon be under development. This is not an easy task, as is witnessed by a half-century of failures and billions of dollars invested by prion researchers. There is much that depends on our success in ending this wildlife disease crisis.

PGC 2021 Map for Occurrence and Spread of CWD in Pennsylvania


Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) was first identified in the southcentral portion of Pennsylvania in 2012, and since then has been spreading without resistance outward from this epicenter. According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, CWD is spreading exponentially across the Commonwealth. The disease now occurs within the Pennsylvania elk range.

Annual maps are compiled from testing thousands of deer harvested during the previous year. At this time, only dead animals can be tested for CWD because no live-animal tests have been developed. Tests are based on the presence of prions – misfolded proteins that do not appear until 12-24 months following the time of infection. However, our Project NOAHH researchers have discovered that CWD is not caused by a prion, but instead by a previously undiscovered species of bacteria. Prions are simply by-products of the underlying bacterial infection – markers for the disease. Therefore, resulting is a 12-24-month incubation period following initial bacterial infection until prions manifest in the diseased animal. This disease process indicates that when the annual maps are released, CWD has already spread the equivalent of two years into the future. In other words, this July 2021 CWD map (see below) is not an accurate representation of the location of CWD as of July 2021, but, instead, a better depiction of the occurrence of CWD in Pennsylvania as of 2019. There is, therefore, a two-year lag time in CWD maps. This will continue until an instant test is available for the real bacterial cause of CWD.

CWD has now crossed the Susquehanna River and is spreading into the Northeast; eastward into the Poconos and Allentown area; northward from Centre and Clearfield Counties into the northcentral region; northwestward toward Erie; and into southwestern Pennsylvania toward Pittsburgh. It is predicted that CWD will occur in every county within the decade.

(Compiled by John Eveland, Director, North American CWD and Human Health Project (Project NOAHH), August 2021.)

Above is a view of the latest PGC map


Which animal would you prefer to see?

The healthy one on the left or the CWD-infected one on the right!





Please help with a cure for CWD, and save our deer and elk herd. Please become a member of Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania and help work at finding a cure for this disease before it’s too late.

PGC & DCNR are hiring sharpshooters, eliminating the deer herd by culling is not the answer, finding a cure is. Join USP in the fight to save the deer herd.

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