By Ron Benjamin

Here we are in late October and are all waiting for the opening day of Rifle Day deer season on Saturday, November 27, 2021. We need to get ready for that big day. We need to ensure we are ready, our rifle is “good to go” and we have all our gear in serviceable condition.

First, we need to be sure we are ok and if we have health issues, a check with our doctor may be prudent. Second, if our deer rifle had “issues” last season, let us get it to a gunsmith now for a refit as needed before opening day. My local gunsmith told me how many times he had hunters bring problem guns into his shop a day or two before the opener which were merely put on the heap of others awaiting fixing.

If you rely on GPS waypoints on your device to get into and out of the woods, I suggest you fully charge the device or install fresh batteries and carry an old-fashioned compass if you read “Low Batt” on your device. Cold weather weakens batteries and a compass maybe a backup in case of need.

Zero your deer rifle on the range and I suggest 2 or 3 inches high above the point of aim at 100 yards for near point of impact at 200+ yards. Too many poorly hit deer are the result of guns not hitting where they “look.” A few inches high at 100 yards means out to about 250 yards you merely hold on the deer and score a hit.

Finally, be sure to dress in layers of hunting clothes so you can peel off or add clothes as needed to stay on the stand for an all-day hunt. One more thing: Turn Off your cell phone while on the stand. My buddy last year heard the crunch, crunch of leaves near his stand, He saw a 10- or 12-point buck walking his way and he got his gun ready. Just before he could put his scope crosshairs on the buck, his phone played the Chicken Dance! The buck did not stick around to hear the rest of the message.