PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE – Monday Opener Update – Wayne Haas

Is change a good thing or a bad thing? It’s not really a hard question. The real question would be if the change that was made, did not result in the desired outcome, or actually turned out to be a negative unintended consequence, would you change back? That is where we are at in the debacle of the Saturday vs the return to the Monday rifle deer season opener. Would you change back?   Of course, the PGC will not!    At the January PGC meeting, Hunters again went to the meeting and overwhelmingly asked for the return to Monday.   Of course, Hunters have been in this position so many times since 1998 that it makes you wonder why the PGC Commissioners’ system has not been changed for the improvement of hunting, but hopefully, legislative help will be on the way.

Back to the Monday Opener, Legislative help is here! Representative Brian Smith that represents Jefferson and Indiana Counties is introducing a bill that will mandate the Monday Opener. Thank you, thank you, Representative Smith! Now we need to help him with Letters, Phone Calls, and or Emails to all our individual Legislators.

Thanks to the work of Randy Santucci and Dan Davila this issue can still be overturned.   Go to and join their Facebook group (Pennsylvania Hunters Against the Saturday Deer Opener).   Also, join their coalition (Reinstate the Monday Deer Opener) by just sending an email to This will keep you informed.

This decision was not reached based on personal opinion, USP has taken two previous surveys showing the Hunters’ support for the return to Monday.

Now it’s time for us to go to work!