Walter & Mary
8th annual Ice Fishing Derby
2022 Results

The wicked winter wind lowered single-digit temperatures beyond our visual thermometer’s factual numbers, as all could battle wearily attest at the final weigh-in but, before ever dialing into over a foot of solid water, 54 eager ice fishing participants registered and generously donated to the strengthening efforts of the Unified Sportsman of Pennsylvania’s respectful management creed toward our states beloved animal. Wasting no time in their spartan efforts searching for both fame and fortune at the grand Lake Wallenpaupack’s renowned ice fishing derby and promptly beginning as the searing siren started a countdown of perseverance, “all” were sportingly styled and well equipped knowing the predicted forecast would be spot-on as the relentless wind chill temperatures hovered near the zero mark throughout the sunny day.

Notably: as attendance continues to grow so does the sponsoring generosity of Sporting stores and Taxidermy talents.

  • One Stop Sport Shop, 628 Luzerne St., Scranton, Pa (570)346-3474 continually overwhelms the crowd with efforts of encouragement for Junior participants with an abundance of high-end fishing tackle that will surely expand our youthful generation’s outdoor enthusiasm.
  • Skeeter’s Bait Shop, the best unkept secret of Fern Hill, Olyphant, Pa put his hat into the ring for the 1st time, sincerely wanting his standing room only appreciation and generosity known to all by donating eye-opening tackle that put smiles on all the kid’s faces.
  • MIERZEJEWSKI’S TAXIDERMY, 617 Johnson Ave, Dickson City, Pa, (570)955-6722 has become well known in the W & M Derby and countless other youthful sporting events throughout the northeast with both his taxidermy artistry and continual generosity with a high-end fish mount that always supersedes our grand total derby payout! Extraordinary! Specifically focused on the Junior Winner!
  • Antler’s & Spurs Taxidermy, specialist Bob Black Sr. humbly tried to remain anonymous in the Grand Masters Division by restocking the lake with his catch and release method, but undercover Derby officials caught his “almost” unforeseen honesty as a $150 fish slipped back into the chilled waters by his warm heart. When offered a monetary prize of $50 for gallantry he passed the money off to fish mount sponsor Mierzejewski’s Taxidermy!!!! Incredible Sportsmanship has almost never been seen before until now, only at the W & M Derby!


Grand Masters: Division 65 years and over, winner take all! $150.00 CASH

  1. Bob Black Sr. ****”Almost”***** $50.00 CASH hand exchange, Sportingly Donated to Mierzejewski Taxidermy for Junior Derby Fish Mount.

Senior division: 16 years to 65 years

  1. Mark Fortese , Retains Title and 1ST repeat champion. $100.00 CASH, 27.5” Chain pickerel
  2. Bob Black Jr., $50.00 CASH   5” Chain Pickerel
  3. Mike Kisel ,   $25.00  CASH   5” Chain Pickerel

Junior Division: under 16 years

  1. Chris Fortese: Retains Title and 1st repeat Junior Champion. $100.00 CASH, & Free fish mount by Mierzejewski Taxidermy, 24.25” Chain pickerel.
  2. Liam Wheeler: $50.00 CASH, 23.25” Chain Pickerel.
  3. Liam Wheeler: $25.00 CASH, 22.25” Chain Pickerel.


The Officials of the Walter & Mary Ice Fishing Derby sincerely thank all Sponsors and Participants for their overall participation in the W & M Derby and total generosity of $546.00 CASH to the Unified Sportsman of Pennsylvania for strengthening our hunting future!


Pictured on the left are winners of the 2022 Walter & Mary ice fishing derby from left to right Mike Kisel, Liam Wheeler, Mark Fortese, and Chris Fortese.