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Unified Sportsmen of PA State Membership Meeting


Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania

State Membership Meeting

RSVP is required for the luncheon

blaine16201@gmail.com or 724-664-1674


When: Saturday, September 24, 2022, @12:00 PM

Where: Sunset West Restaurant

521 E. College Ave., Pleasant Gap, PA 16823

Sunset West only accepts cash (No checks, credit or debit cards)



RSVP is required for the luncheon.   The luncheon will be a free sandwich buffet. We need an accurate number of attendees, so the restaurant can have enough food for everyone.


RSVP by August 31st to Secretary Blaine Toy 724-664-1674 or email blaine16201@gmail.com

            Sunset West only accepts cash (No checks, credit or debit cards).


Main Speaker: Jim Stocker Law enforcement Officer, BOD Firearms Owners Against Crime

Main Topic: Join our expert featured speaker Jim Stoker, Board of Directors, Firearms Owners Against Crime at this FREE seminar to learn the facts and have your questions answered about Pennsylvania’s concealed carry laws, the Castle Doctrine and other valuable information regarding firearms safety and state gun laws.

This no-cost seminar offers the dual opportunity for firearm owners to expand their knowledge of existing gun laws and to get their most important questions answered about freely, safely and responsibly exercising your God-given right to keep and bear arms.


Members and non-members are welcome to join us to learn more about Pennsylvania firearms laws, and to express their views or concerns regarding hunting, fishing, and trapping in Pennsylvania.

For more information contact:

Blaine M. Toy – blaine16201@gmail.com or 724-664-1674

Doug Tyger – dtyger@windstream.net or 814-594-6238


To print a flyer of this meeting please click here!

To view, a map of the meeting location click the following link!  521 E College Ave – Pleasant Gap, PA – MapQuest