PGC Failures!

By Blaine Toy


I have written a few problems I feel we have with our Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC).  These opinions expressed here are my personal opinions and not those of Unified Sportsmen of PA.



Eliminate all deer

Early 2000 Gary Alt scammed the PA hunter with his dog & pony show.   Pushing antler restrictions claiming this would produce trophy buck in PA.  He also instigated the concurrent buck/doe season.  This gave the deer killing slobs added opportunity to expand their it brown and down attitude.   The true deer hunter hunts for deer meat to feed their family.  This created very few deer in some areas of the PA   However some areas like state parks, cities, etc.… the deer were overpopulated mostly because these areas could not be hunted.  We hunters were promised this would be looked into in the future, never happened.

Areas were fenced in to keep the deer out and compare fenced to non-fence regrowth.  Another PGC scam, I personally visited many of these fenced-in areas and the growth outside the fence was not any different than inside the fence, more PGC lies.

Now we are stuck with the concurrent seasons again.  Hunters’ complaint to the PGC regarding the lack of deer to hunt is falling on dead ears.

PGC policy is that individuals can kill as many as 6 deer prior to tagging any deer.  Deer killers dream (not true deer hunters).   Where is it going to end and when is PGC going to start to follow Game and Wildlife Code title 34?



Saturday opener

In 2019 PGC changed PA’s traditional rifle deer season opener to Saturday against the wishes and the majority of hunters.  A political decision that they were to revisit in three years (2022).   Without a quorum, in January the issue was not visited.  PGC selected a private company to do a survey of a selected hunter with questions worded to get the answer PGC politicians wanted claiming the hunters preferred the Saturday opener.    PGC could get a much more valid survey by using the current Pennsylvania Automatic License System (PALS) system. Putting the question do you prefer Saturday or Monday opener for rifle deer season they would have a hundred thousand hunters’ input instead of 2300 selected hunters.  Another strong indication they do not want hunter input.  In every hunter survey, I have seen the majority of hunters oppose the Saturday opener.


PGC Commissioners meetings


PGC did not have a quorum at the January meeting, with no quorum there could not be any changes in the seasons and there was no way the three-year review of the Saturday versus Monday deer rifle season was not available for discussion.   Was that planned by powerful politicians?

PGC held their April meeting the weekend of April 9-10, 2022.  Saturday, April 9, 2022, was the window dressing hunter testimony, hunters have given up spending their money and time to testify, PGC does not pay any attention to the hunter’s input.

PGC is selected by political appointment, and I feel a few powerful politicians twist the commissioner’s arms to make decisions in their favor.  With no input from the PA hunters in the selection of commissioners it makes them a politically corrupt origination.


Doe Tags

PGC commissioner voted to allocate 948,00 antlerless deer licenses, up from the 2021 season.   Deer are scarce now with all these allocations what is it going to be like in the future?  It is getting to the point many hunters can the hunt on state game lands because the private landowners are fed up with PGC and said enough is enough and post their land to try to save the deer





By Blaine Toy

Unified Sportsmen of PA (USP) is a PA Statewide sportsmen’s club that promotes the rights of our members to conservation, hunting, fishing, trapping, shooting, and support of our constitutional rights.

We have volunteers that donate their own time to go to Harrisburg and work with the legislators, PGC Commissioners, and PFBC Commissioners in the interest of sportsmen/sportswomen’s rights.  Sometimes we have a different opinion than what is coming out of Harrisburg, this paints us as the black sheep because we just don’t roll over and play dead and go along with them, we want nothing more than to work with them in the interest of our member’s rights.

The PGC has the opinion it is above the law and can do whatever they want, instead of listening to their customers (The license buyers).   A few examples of their disregard/disrespect of their customers, the hunters:

  • Changed the rifle deer season from a Monday to a Saturday.
  • Changed the original two weeks of buck and three days of doe over to a two-week concurrent season. We agree there are areas of deer overpopulation, but in most of PA, the deer were in check, and in some areas deer are scarce, or even none exist at all.    Why the two-week concurrent over the complete state?
  • Deer antler restrictions.
  • Reintroduced predators back into the wilds.
  • Privacy is being invaded by PGC as they Spy on and perform warrantless searches, a couple of internet links are below:
    1. Clearfield County, Penn.—Imagine spending July Fourth with family in the beautiful forests of the Allegheny Mountains – read article
    2. Pennsylvania Hunting Clubs Challenge Warrantless Searches of Private Land – read article

We have many surveys from our members and other sources supporting the information listed.