By Blaine Toy

I am looking forward to a good year for USP. We have joined the Coalition Sportsmen of PA, consisting of the Allegheny County Sportsmen’s League, Beaver County Sportsmen Conservation League, Eastern PA Firearms Committee, Firearm Owners Against Crime, and United Sportsmen of PA. The coalition’s goal is to unite the Sportsmen and gun owners in a united cause to protect our rights. Join Unified Sportsmen of PA and help us with our struggle in Harrisburg.

We support the following:

The return of Fall Rifle Deer Season to Monday. This support is based on surveys we have taken of Hunters, as well as the comment session of the January and April, PA Game Commission meetings, and the PGC Town Hall meetings. We know there are individuals who prefer the Saturday opener, but the majority of hunters support returning to Monday. There is legislation currently introduced, HB 495 by Representative Brian Smith, and SB 708 by Senator Lisa Boscolo to reinstate the Monday Rifle Deer Opener.

We are opposed to the following items:

1. PGC issued DMAP tags on our public lands, these tags were designed for private landowners for crop damage and should not be issued on our public land.
2. PGC issues too many doe tags.
3. Regarding the concurrent buck/doe seasons statewide, we do agree there are locations with excess deer but most of those areas are designated no hunting.
4. Commissioner selection, we hunters have no input, the selection is purely political.

Hunting and our Sportsmen Clubs will become extinct if we Sportsmen and Sportswomen do not unite and get involved with our rights and elect legislators that will live by the Constitution. When our elected legislators take their oath of office, they swear to uphold our Constitution. If they are to uphold our Constitution, why are they trying to take away our Constitutional Rights?

Finally, USP has a Constant Contact account and we send out important information to our Sportsmen, Sportswomen, and gun owners. If you want on this email list, send us an email at or complete the form at the bottom of each page on our website.

Let’s all band and work together to protect our rights!

Blaine Toy