Few Sightings for the kid’s Dec 23, 2021

Director Burhan’s and Commissioners

At 69 years of age, I deer hunt WMU’s 4D and 2G first and foremost for my grandkids. We archery hunt mostly in 4D on private woodland and on 2 farms. Rifle season takes us to both 4D and 2G on private, PGC, and DCNR lands. I personally hunted most of the archery season and all but 1 day of the concurrent rifle season. I’m lucky right now that our 12-year-old granddaughter and 15-year-old grandson like to hunt so that they can tell their own stories just like they heard from their dad, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, and from Pap. That’s what hunting is to us. It ain’t about shooting the BIG ONE. I need to say that if they don’t start seeing more than a couple of deer a year, I’m going to lose them. Now for me, if I only see a few deer a year (which I saw 2 sub-legal bucks and 11 does of which 2 I could have taken home all season long), I won’t quit hunting till I die.

This year was awful for us. I know that others got deer as I see the pictures in Outdoor news. Good for them. Did you all hear about the big buck that was shot near Howard? A huge rack shot on the point near the old reservoir. I used to hunt that point as a kid years ago as my dad in his day took care of the water system for the town. Now that land is posted. I’m happy for the guy that got that buck and the landowner that posted his land really has no choice as public land hunters that see few deer naturally try to spill over to places they do not own and think there may be some deer.

I took my grandson bear hunting with a gang of 25 in Sproul State Forest on the steeps overlooking the Susquehanna River. The fun part of that hunt was pushing ourselves to get down over the points and crawling up the guts to drive or watch on brown contour lines. At one point we heard a rumble in the sky and watched as a Warthog flew right over our heads. We waved to it on the way by. As far as seeing animals, we saw nothing all day not even a squirrel. The crew saw no bears in 4 days and only a few deer. Another tough day for the kid.

One of the guys from bear camp offered us to come to Pittsburgh for deer as he has 5 in the freezer. I asked him if he got one every night out. He said of course not but he rarely does not see something but does not take a shot every time out. I said thanks but we are not going to Pittsburgh or Berks County where I have the opportunity to deer hunt as there is no excuse that the big woods of Central Pa does not have more than a few deer.

I desperately would like to see the grandkids get a deer after Christmas but I feel stupid for even letting them try.

I am asking you to please stop trying to have us kill as many deer as possible and manage by the unit to enable the kids a chance to see something. A couple of years ago Bryan said there were around 500,000 hunters out the first day of rifle season. There used to be 1 million. During Covid, people bought a license and became hunters. Imagine how many would come out if there were game to hunt.

Bryan has on file all the data that supports what I am asking you but if you have questions please contact me.

Wayne Haas
Howard, Pa

Merry Christmas
Happy Better New Year